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Hey Bearded Dragon Source Community,

We’re glad to see in our post-related hiatus we’re still getting great feedback and communication among our comments sections, often times driven exclusively by your participation. We are excited to announce a few updates coming up for the site, our new push for adding new breeder listings, a new video update concept and much more.

-We will be working over the next several weeks, months, okay years really, in an effort to produce quality videos for just about every bearded dragon related topic you could think up, and maybe even a few you wouldn’t. Part of a push to establish new visitors seeking a modern expression of dragon related content. Because, you know really who doesn’t like a good video.

-We have updated the breeder listing section, removing the “by morph” section we had tinkered with since the inception of this site.  After many attempts to retool it into a quality source of information, we realized it wasn’t a quality means of delivery.  It will be replaced with a new “Top Breeders” section with exclusive space for some of the best breeders in the game.  All will offer shipping within the US (Our main market) and after establishing a TOP US section we will look to provide international listings for our out of country visitors.

-We are still continuing to expand our small market breeders, local breeders, specialty breeders and international breeders in our “Breeders by Location” sections.  These listing remain free for any qualifying breeder willing to provide a few proofs of a quality operation.
For more on getting your Breeding Operation listed on our site, click here.
To check out our “Breeders by Location” click here.

-In our absence, we have done our best to stock pile a cache of new material for posts so be sure to get back to frequenting our page for new content daily!

Thanks for reading!
Check back soon for new content…
Or, visit to check out some of our upcoming content (minus the yet to be published accompanying article of course) before it hits the front page here!



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Bearded Dragons being unboxed from various breeders!

Ever wonder how bearded dragons get shipped? Well its typically overnight, with arrival before 10am and unpacking them the next morning looks something like this…

Diamond Den

A-1 Reptiles

Fire and Ice Bearded Dragons

BloodBank Dragons

Rainbow Bearded Dragons

Carolina Classic Dragons

Off Fauna Classifieds

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Bath your dragons to help them shed a little easier!

A bath is a great time to give your dragon some healthy skin care help. If your dragon is shedding, a great way to help ease the skin off is a nice long warm bath. This will allow your dragon a chance to shorten the time it takes to get that old skin off, and besides a good bath is always a nice treat!

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Looking for some great info on how to keep a dubia colony?

This guy is definitely animated in his presentation, but has a great video none the less.  While he breeds them for a different creature, the goal is still the same.  Check it out!

Update: In regards to the issues with flies, we are currently experimenting with a “cleaner crew” or a separate type of insect (actually 2) that essentially clean the dead roaches and other bad stuff up. We will do an update once they establish and start producing results but we’ve heard great things about them.

Bonus Vid:
Watch these roaches destroy 5 oranges in this 2 min time lapse video. Actual time 21 mins.

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Check out this great article on Tempeature Controlled Sex Reversal in Bearded Dragon Eggs!

Bearded Dragon Temperature Controlled Sex ChangeFeaturing some great information on the cool science behind how you can technically influence bearded dragons sex with temperature, but how it is ultimately far from a good idea.  The basic premise of the article is that using temperature control, and cranking the temperatures up to dangerously high levels could consistently produce all phenotypically (how they actually appear) female hatchlings, but the process ultimately increases mortality rates and health issues.

Now you may say, well maybe you are just killing off all the males?  They went on to check the eggs that were lost and many indicated they would have produced females.

The article goes on to explain how the process creates females that are genetically coded as males, even with their female sex organs.  If these male coded females were to then somehow be fertile and capable of successfully producing eggs, the genetic code from both parents would be male, and thus every offspring produced will be only male.

Go find out more at the link below!

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