About Advertising

While the site’s main purpose is to provide quality information to our community, this site takes the time, effort and resources of a small team and for these reasons as well as help with maintenance costs we advertise for quality suppliers and breeders on our site.

While any breeder or supplier with a proven record of quality and care can be listed for free in our breeder and supplier guides respectively, we also offer the larger scale providers an opportunity to present themselves in our premium listing locations and ads throughout our site.

If you are interested in advertising with us, contact us our sales rep at BeardedDragonSource@gmail.com with your information and interest.  We are flexible in offering numerous options to help gain exposure to your company through our loyal community.  As previously mentioned, we care about our reputation as a top trusted source for Bearded Dragon Resources, and no dollar amount will buy you our support without proving your professionalism.  For more on that contact us now.

How our breeder section advertising works:
All “Listings by Location” are free and listed in the chronological order of their addition to the listings.  There is no charge for a basic listing, simply visit our guide page for more info here on what information to email us.

Premium Listings
We also offer Premium Listings available for small fees with spot locations all over the site and in the Limited Top Breeders Section.  For more on that contact us at BeardedDragonSource@gmail.com.


For information on listing availability and pricing contact us now.