Breeder Guide

Our breeder guide is designed to allow our online community to view all the quality breeders of the world listed both by location and “breed” type. While many dragons are being mail ordered these days, some would prefer picking one out in person or perhaps just not having to wait to get it home, thereby making a local breeder ideal. Whatever you are looking for in your breeder from coloration to skin texture to the rarest of them all, our guide can tell you about them.

Just like the rest of our site, you can leave feedback right on a breeder’s page on our site regarding your experiences.  Building a quality reputation for breeders among such a worthwhile community will provide for only the best in service standards for our consumers.  Know that if you get a dragon from a provider we recommend, they have been recommended by happy customers from within our very community.

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For Purchasers

If you are looking for the best dragons in the world, look no further… Our guide will take you where you need to go!

How do I trust these breeders?
Well, we do our best to run a background check on all new breeders listing with our site as well as require photographic proof of a quality breeding environment and demonstrations of their products.  While we can’t individually inspect dragons regularly from every breeder listed, a photograph can at least demonstrate well fed and healthy looking dragons.  As the potential customers, comments are capable of being left right on each breeders profile page allowing everyone to voice their experience with each breeder.

Can Bearded Dragons be shipped?
Yes, Dragons are frequently shipped and all dragons listed in the by breed type category must have the option to ship their dragons.  Many breeders have rules on when they will ship to encourage the best possible outcome for safe arrival.  Shipping overnight, early in the week guarantees you will get your dragon typically on time, or at worst delayed no more then a day with a 2-3 day business day safety net behind that.  Many breeders have worked up quality methods for assuring safe, secure, warm and prompt arrival.

What if I don’t want to risk shipping a dragon?
If you would prefer to purchase a dragon locally, we are filling in our local listings with breeders available by state.  Check your states local listing under the by location category.

For Breeders

What qualifies me as a breeder?
Breeders must be breeding or in the process of breeding regularly year round. We don’t expect the smallest breeders to hold a constant stock, but the process for the next clutch should be in operation. We DO NOT want wholesale purchasers, speed breeders, or negligent breeders. We expect the level of dedication and passion necessary to operate such a line of work, where your level of attention dictates a creatures quality of life.  We only want to be known for recommending the absolute best breeders and to qualify, we expect picture proof of a quality breeding environment from all new breeders.

How do I sign up?
Send us the following information in the format below to:
Company Name
Contact Name (optional)
Company Location (city, state)
Company Address (optional)
Website (optional for local only, mandatory for mail order)
Email Address (For Customer Contact)
Phone Number (optional)
Fax Number (optional)
Hours of Operation (day 00am to 00pm)
Breed Specialties (please list all breeds you breed with regularity)
Business Description/About Us (a brief summary of what your operation is all about)

Please include:
Product Images (we need to show what you are selling,the more the better)
At least 1 Pic of Breeding Environment (proof you’re running a clean ship)
Logo Images (any images you would like us to try and include in your page design)

What does a basic listing include?
Basic listings are free and include a chronologically ordered (by date submitted) basic style listing in the respective “breed” type category and a basic style breeder profile page including your information, contacts, pictures and more.

What does a Premium listing include?
Premium listings are available in limited quantities.  There is one Premium listing available per state or local category, and three Premium listings are available per “breed” type such as “Leatherbacks”.  These premium listings include pictures on the category listings page as well as a breeder profile page with unlimited photo space and more.  Premium listings are always listed on the top of the page guaranteeing photographic exposure of your dragons to virtually ever person passing through that category looking for the very dragons you specialize in, or are from a location near you.

How do I get a Premium listing?
Let us know if you are interested in a Premium level listing, available for an incredibly low introductory rate you can lock in as long as you continue to renew.  You can let us know by email here.  Please include any additional questions you may have on the program, and we will get back to you as quickly as possibly.

What does listing gain me as a breeder?
Listings gain you exposure to a constant flow of new potential customers that have found us looking for the very thing you provide.  Our site is dedicated to connecting Bearded Dragon Enthusiasts to not just the information they need, but where to get the best dragons from the most trusted sources.  Those very customers can then leave feedback on you quality services which will only harbor growth for your interest.

Any other questions?  Email us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.