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Bearded Dragons being unboxed from various breeders!

Ever wonder how bearded dragons get shipped? Well its typically overnight, with arrival before 10am and unpacking them the next morning looks something like this… Diamond Den A-1 Reptiles Fire and Ice Bearded Dragons BloodBank Dragons Rainbow Bearded Dragons Carolina … Continue reading

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Bath your dragons to help them shed a little easier!

A bath is a great time to give your dragon some healthy skin care help. If your dragon is shedding, a great way to help ease the skin off is a nice long warm bath. This will allow your dragon … Continue reading

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Guy showing off his baby bearded dragons hatching

Nice quick video of a guy showing off his store bought incubator and the baby bearded dragons hatching inside it!

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Bearded Dragon Vegetable Diet Information

Information on proper veggies for your Bearded Dragon. The video above outlines some of the most important details to consider when preparing veggies for your bearded dragon. You should be feeding your dragons about a 70/30% split of live food … Continue reading

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Video Share: Beared Dragon Plays Ant Crusher Game!

Check out this Dragon play this game near flawlessly!

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