Info Center

Bearded Dragons 101
A basic guide to bearded dragons and a sound place to start if this is your first time exploring dragons.  Also has easily found information available for those looking for a quick refresher on a certain topic.

Bearded Dragon Diet and Supplements
Information pertaining to the proper balanced diet necessary to maintain your Dragon’s health.  From live food options such as crickets, roaches and worms to information on the most beneficial veggies to feed your dragon.  You can also find information about vitamins and dietary supplements.

Bearded Dragon Enclosures and Lights
Everything you need to know about setting up your Dragon’s housing and lighting to maximize its comfort and safety.  From the bare necessities needed to keep a dragon to information we’ve found on some of the coolest builds, you’ll find it here.

Health and Disease Information
Information about the health and diseases of Bearded Dragons.  From general health questions to specific disease related topics, it will be covered here.

Bearded Dragon Sexing
A guide to determining the sex of your bearded dragon at various stages of its early and adult life.

Bearded Dragon Breeding
A collection of information about breeding techniques, tools and materials.  Everything from how to pair your mating dragons to preparing an area for your female to lay her eggs.  Anything related is contained here.

Bearded Dragon Egg Care
How to care for your dragon’s new eggs.  From how to build an incubator to proper temp and humidity, you’ll find all egg care information here.

Baby Bearded Dragon Care
A section containing information just for the smallest of the dragon community.  Baby Bearded dragons are a ton of fun but are also more delicate and prone to illness.  It is especially important you maintain an extra level attention to their care.

Bearded Dragon Videos
A section dedicated to all the videos we’ve shared over time.  A collection including videos of our own creations, submissions from our dragon community and videos we’ve found online.

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